Spring Break in Las Vegas 2014

By Jeremy Crudup

Every year college kids leave school for Spring Break in Las Vegas, and 2014 will be no different. It’s cold all winter, you’ve been working hard in school to pass all your classes, so naturally Las Vegas is the perfect place to warm up and blow off some steam before the next semester starts. Here’s a brief guide to Spring Break in Las Vegas so you can maximize your fun and minimize costs. Enjoy!

The first step to any Las Vegas spring break trip is figuring out where to stay and how to get there. Some of the nicer Las Vegas hotels can get pricey but with 3-4 people to a room you can definitely get the price per person low enough for college budgets. You probably won’t be in there very much anyway right? Some of the more affordable hotels include Flamingo, Rivera, Polo Club, the Luxor, Bally’s, Harrah among others. We also recommend The Cosmopolitan for its young, hip vibe, and the MGM Grand for it’s amazing pool and world famous nightclub, Hakkasan, although you will pay more to stay at these premium hotels. Hotel deals and bargains are out there and some sites will group them with your airfare or car rental, increasing the savings. Plan ahead and you can get rooms for less than $60 per night. If you are studying close enough to Las Vegas, save on airfare, hop in the car and hit the road with your friends.

Okay, the hotel is booked and plane tickets are purchased. Now it’s time to plan the party. Nightclubs are an obvious choice and Las Vegas has quite a few of them. The aforementioned Hakkasan at MGM Grand, XS at The Wynn, Light at Mandalay Bay and Marquee at The Cosmopolitan weigh in as the top contenders in the battle for Las Vegas nightclub supremacy, but other nightclub like PURE, TAO, Moon, and Chateau will also be busy.

For ladies, there are a lot of deals and VIP Hosts (including VegasPartyVIP) that can get you into clubs during your stay. Free guest list for entry, and some clubs offer drink specials or early open bar for groups of cute girls. In Las Vegas it seems that girls always drink for free. Make sure you use a reputable service or host or you might run the risk of being hustled by a street promoter who will over-promise and under-deliver. “Guest List” just means you wait in the “trying-to-get-in-Free” line, which is typically the longest of all the lines, and moves the slowest. (Paying guests get in first, then Free Line)

For the gentleman, it’s a little harder to get into the clubs, especially if you’re a large group (5+ guys). Naturally the nightclubs don’t want to have a room full of dudes so they are selective on which guy groups get in. Guys, make sure you plan ahead. On busy nights some clubs don’t even let large groups of guys in without a VIP table. VIP services, like VegasPartyVIP, have relationships with these doormen & club hosts. They can get you inside when you’d likely otherwise be turned away, for a fee. But, it’s better than not getting in at all.

To save on drinks in the clubs and bars bring some liquor to your room for pre-gaming to save some money. A flask is another good move. Grab some mixers off a VIP table (ask nicely) and poor your own cocktail around the corner. Beware of security in nightclubs if you pull this move. Or if you have the bucks, spring for a VIP table reservation. There’s no better way to experience a busy Las Vegas nightclub.

If you and the boys strike out, you can always check out a gentleman’s club as an after-hours spot. Las Vegas is home to some of the largest and most luxurious strip clubs in the world. It doesn’t make you a perv or weirdo, it’s Vegas! It’s fun and playful. Groups of girls go also, and usually like watching the ladies do their sexy moves. Who doesn’t like sexy, right?

Other fun and inexpensive ideas include walking the Strip & sightseeing, checking out downtown Las Vegas & Fremont Street, or just lounging by the hotel pool.

With that said, get back to your school work. Chat with your friends about Spring Break in Vegas and what you guys would like to do. Study hard, get good grades and save your money so you can come party. You’ve earned it! See you in Las Vegas!

Jeremy is the Head VIP Host for VegasPartyVIP. Email for more info at: Info@VegasPartyVIP.com

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