How to Get Into Las Vegas Nightclubs for Free?

Anyone who’s ever been to Las Vegas clubs would argue that it is a blast. It’s a blast of mega adult fun. Every single night seems like a Saturday and you can find the top DJs and celebrities partying it up at your favorite night club. But unfortunately, those good times come at a price… and often a high one. But you may not need to always wait in long lines or pay high prices to get into the best Vegas clubs. If you know the right people, or even just adopt a few strategies mentioned below, your night out may be cheaper than you once thought.
Tip 1: Arrive Early. Bringing people early at the least popular time slots may lead to the bouncer letting a few people in for free. And of course, the more ‘suitable’ you look, the better. Before arriving early on, check the style of the club you want to get into and adapt to that style. In most cases this may work. If you don’t want to pay, arriving early is key. So why not give it a try?!
Tip 2: If you know the right people, you can get into Las Vegas night clubs for free. While in Vegas, people will approach you in casinos or while walking the strip. Always see what they are trying to tell you before walking away. Unless they look super sketchy that is. Vegas is a place where deals happen spontaneously. Sometimes you may come across a club promotor who is willing to give you free tickets for free drinks at a bar, lounge, or nightclub, or sometimes for their open guest list. And when on a promotor’s guest list, you can skip the lines and get into a club for free.
But this is a digital world and you don’t have to wait to be approached on the strip or even wander around the city anymore hoping for those chance encounters. People with nightclub connections are often on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and you just need to know how to do a search for these promotors to get on their guest list.

Tip 3: When on a guest list, always try to have an even ratio or more ladies than men in your group. Most of the time, the only way groups of primarily guys or all guys get in is with bottle service, and that costs big time. When you reach out to club promotors with guest lists make it known that you are a group of girls because you may get more perks. But remember, guest lists may not be available for certain holidays and major events. And be sure you and your friends sign up to a guest list before 9pm as this is when the lists typically close.

Tip 4: Although this is not exactly a ‘getting in the club’ free tip, tipping, in some cases does work. The current trend in many clubs is to let local women in for free, or sometimes, at a discount. Women that are visiting may be allowed in but will have to pay the club cover charge in most Vegas night clubs. If you’re ok with paying a basic cover charge, then going mid-week to a night club will ensure you will avoid paying other costs (outside of major events such as boxing matches, or popular exhibitions).

Having said that, a group of girls can still slip past the lines with a smile and small tip to the doorman. $20-$40 for a group of four girls should do it. It still works out cheaper than the cover and typically lets you skip the lines.

Some rules of thumb to remember for getting in a Las Vegas night club for free:

  • Don’t forget to arrive early. The earlier you arrive, the higher the chance of any ‘tricks’ working. Don’t show up at a Vegas nightclub at midnight expecting to work some magic to get in for free or skip the lines.
  • Know how to connect with club promotors to get on their guest lists. This can be done by either being approached by someone promoting deals for a club, or by going on social media and searching for Las Vegas clubs. Ladies typically get free entrance and free drink tickets.
  • Make sure you have an even ratio or more women than men in your group. Men may get reduced cover charge or free entrance this way.
  • Tipping goes a long way in Vegas. Sometimes giving a smile and a $20-$40 tip can help skip those long lines.

The best way to get into a Las Vegas night club for free is to get on a guest list. We make it easier here at Vegas Party VIP to help with your nightlife VIP experience. Contact us today!