If it’s true that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” then spare no expense! How good will those juicy secrets truly be if you don’t go all out in the club with infamous Vegas VIP bottle service or a party bus that takes you on the hottest club crawls? Whether you’re heading to Sin City for a bachelor sendoff, birthday weekend, or just a wild we-don’t-need-no-reason party, there are a few things you should know.

Step your game up with these top five tips on how to navigate the Strip as a Las Vegas VIP.

1. Do your research

Sure, you can stumble around the MGM with those oversized Fat Tuesday drinks and have a good time, but that’s a rookie move. Shows sell out. Clubs reach capacity (or at least they’d like you to think they do). Come to Las Vegas on a weekend and your success rate of “winging it” to see your favorite superstar DJ will be very low. Purchasing a package deal or reserving a VIP table in advance will ensure you stay the course – the one that isn’t lined with random strangers chasing you down with free tickets (i.e. scams) on the Strip.

2. C.R.E.A.M.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Wu-Tang acronym, it means Cash Rules Everything Around Me. In this case… you. Money talks in Las Vegas, so know the rules before you show up.

 – Know who to tip. This goes beyond the concierge and valet. You want to look after your servers, drivers, and hosts – especially in the club.

 – Know how much to tip. Take note of the standard and go a little higher. When you’re partying like a VIP, you should act the part. In short, don’t be cheap if you want to get hooked up.

3. Ride in style

Cabs are fine if you’re heading to the airport (or leaving a stranger’s hotel – not that that would ever happen!), but when you’re off to brunch or the gentleman’s club with the crew, you have classier options including limos. One way trips down the Strip are less than $100 and you won’t have to bother with the hotel’s taxi queue and multiple cars to get your party to its destination. Party buses are also a great alternative and allow you the convenience of steady transportation as you club crawl.

4. Don’t be a vampire

Remember: Las Vegas is a marathon not a sprint. Pace yourself so you’re not sleeping through cabana service at Wet Republic. Hungover? Nothing that a little sunshine and “hair of the dog” won’t cure as you continue last night’s party in the pool, dancing to Laidback Luke. Pool parties are essentially Vegas’ answer to the nightclub scene… only with fewer clothes!

5. Know your crowd

Knowing how to party like a VIP in Las Vegas also entails knowing your party. If you’re hosting a bachelorette bash, obviously the bride’s likes and dislikes will take priority. However, on the whole, it’s wise not to start planning your party until you get a feel for the group. Are all the guys on board for a strip club? There’s a VIP package for that. Maybe your group prefers whiskey and fine cigars after dinner. However you roll, Vegas will accommodate. Just plan ahead (see rule #1).

Vegas Party VIP

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