Las Vegas VIP Services and Nightlife Party Packages

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By Jeremy Crudup

Las Vegas VIP Services and Nightlife Party Packages

People travel to Las Vegas for various reasons and creating a VIP nightlife party package is a great way to plan your vacation. Whether you’re coming to Las Vegas for a bachelor or stag party, bachelorette or hen party, 21st birthday, or just a great weekend away with friends, planning a VIP party package is the best way to include everything you and your friends want to do all in one package price. Here’s a little information on how these VIP services and nightlife packages work, and how they can benefit you.

“Why would I use a VIP package or service?” Most VIP services, like, will assign you a VIP Host that will be your point of contact for the entire planning process, and handle your events personally when you arrive in Vegas. These VIP hosts know the Las Vegas Strip all too well, as they are out every night walking in groups to the best venues. They know the town, make sure you ask them questions. Together, you and this VIP host will create the perfect package for you & your group, combining your requested shows, events and venues that you’d like to visit, creating an itinerary and providing you with a fair ‘Per Person’ price. This even Per Person price allows the group to pay for all the events in a package deal, with all of the costs, taxes, fees and tips as a group. No passing the hat around at the end of the night or tracking down payments after the fact. Less headaches equal more fun!

This group payment format is especially great for groups like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. In these situations you might not know all of the people joining your group, which is where a VIP party package can come in handy. Collecting funds from groups of strangers or people who live far away can be tough, but with a VIP party package each person is responsible for their fare-share portion of the payments. “Okay guys/ladies, here’s what we’re doing for the Vegas trip. Everyone owes x-amount and can pay here…” This is great if the group is paying for the bachelor or bachelorette’s portion of the trip (Note: Bachelors and bachelorettes shouldn’t have to pay, the group should pitch in together and cover it.) This also allows the person in charge of the weekend (best man, maid of honor, party planner, or parent) the luxury of knowing everything is taken care of. Rather than worrying about collecting money, setting up events, limos, and other scheduling headaches, these VIP packages allow everyone, including the planner, to enjoy the weekend in Las Vegas. The VIP host handles all the scheduling. Easy!

VIP Party Packages can contain whatever you’d like. You can include things like discounted airfare, hotel room & deals, the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs & pool parties, bottle service, cabanas, gentleman’s clubs, show tickets, limo services, VIP table reservations, dinners, exotic car rentals, helicopter tours, and so much more. This list is endless. If you can dream it up, your VIP host can include it in your Party Package.

Your VIP Host is there for you and your group for the entire vacation you’re in town. This talented, knowledgeable host will assist you in planning the best, hottest, and most entertaining events for you and your friends. These VIP Hosts are out on the town regularly and know the best nights for the top nightclubs, shows, pool parties etc. They also know where to eat, what’s hot during your travel weekend, what celebs are in town, and other local knowledge. Use their knowledge, they know the town best.

If your particular party package includes events like nightclubs, pool parties and gentleman’s clubs your VIP Host will personally walk you into the venue, past the sometimes lengthy lines and security ID checkpoints. (Note: The most popular nightclub & pool party lines can have a wait time exceeding 2-3hrs+ on busy weekends.) This can be a HUGE benefit to your group’s night. Waiting in lines sucks (think DMV, yuck!) and can kill the party vibe in a hurry. Don’t wait in lines, plan ahead. Get a VIP host. These VIP hosts have all the right connections and relationships to get you into the party faster.

If your VIP party package also included a VIP Table Reservation at a nightclub, dayclub (pool party) or gentleman’s club, your VIP Host will set up and pre-pay for your table prior to the club opening. (Highly recommended if budget allows it, having a VIP table is a completely different experience than regular entry.) With their great personal relationships with the venues, and by getting there early, your VIP Host will get you the best table possible. actually has every table layout, allowing you to choose exactly where your table will be located. Then when you arrive at the venue (perhaps after a limo charter around the Las Vegas Strip) you VIP host will come out and walk you directly to your preset table, where your sexy waitress will have the premium liquor of your choice waiting for you.

Make the most of your time in Las Vegas and book a Las Vegas Party Package. It will save you time, money, headaches, and will ensure your party goes off without a hitch. Don’t get stuck in line while the hottest nightclubs are bumping. Don’t get stuck without a fun, entertaining plan on your Vegas trip. If you want to enhance your trip with great memories and a pat-on-the-back from your friends, contact a VIP Host or concierge.  Plan ahead and get a free quote from a knowledgeable & talented VIP host for a Las Vegas VIP party package today. It’s cheaper than you think, and worth every penny.


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