Las Vegas Party Tips & Tricks

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By Jeremy Crudup

Las Vegas Party Tips & Tricks

Thinking of planning a vacation next year? Possibly to Las Vegas? Here are some great Las Vegas Vacation tips & tricks to help you thru your next trip. Some are simple, others you might not have thought of. These little tidbits and reminders we put together should help you maximize your next Vegas vacation.

Dress Code

This is an important topic to cover for any Vegas trip. Dress codes apply at most Las Vegas venues including nightclubs, pool parties, gentleman’s clubs, restaurants, and certain lounges and bar establishments. Make sure you have appropriate attire or you run the risk of being denied entry. It’s not up to the hosts or promoters who comes into the club. These dress codes can vary from club to club, but business casual is always a safe way to go. For more details, check out our Las Vegas dress code tips.

IDs, Identification

You would think this would be a straight-forward and simple topic, but you wouldn’t believe what we’ve seen people try and use as identification. Crumpled pieces of paper, photocopies of IDs, gym memberships, casino player’s cards, fake IDs from China, cousin-brother-uncle’s ID, the list goes on and on. The security guards checking IDs in Las Vegas have seen every type of ID you can think of, weekend after weekend, and they know how to spot the fakes.

It must be a valid photo ID. Here are the guaranteed ones.

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID card
  • Military ID card
  • Usually anything state or government issued with a date of birth and a photo should be fine

Paper temporaries, college ID, peeling, bent, damaged or manipulated IDs will not be accepted. Trust us, regardless of your excuses, problems, or reasons for not having proper identification, you run the risk of being denied access. Don’t ruin you weekend before it begins, bring a proper ID.

And do not lose your ID! It happens all the time in Las Vegas, don’t be a statistic. This will ruin your fun for the weekend as you will not be allowed to party with your friends.


Getting around in Las Vegas can be tough on busy weekends. You can drive your car around (if you drove into town) but this means you can’t really party, or shouldn’t. Traffic on the Strip can get congested. Taxis are everywhere but beware of the lengthy taxi lines, especially during prime party hours. These talents drivers know the fastest ways around town. To skip the taxi line try flagging down a rogue taxi, perhaps after a drop-off. This is a great local move, especially if you’re late to a show or dinner. Taxi drivers are NOT supposed to do this, but they will if you tip them. Limos are another great option if your group requires more than one taxi and you can afford it. We suggest planning ahead and reserving a time slot. Bus routes are available also, along with passes to the Las Vegas Monorail.

Tips on Tipping & Gratuity

There is a wide spectrum from country to country regarding standard tipping customs (like in Europe, where they don’t really tip at all). Las Vegas is known as The Town of Tips, and you need to be prepared if you want proper pampering the city can provide for you. Plan on always keep some cash on you for taking care of bartenders, bussers, waitresses, door staff, security, taxi drivers etc. You’d be surprised how a tipping will change a situation for the better. Here’s a couple pointers to keep you informed and not looking like a Scrooge:

Tipping the Bartender

If you’re thirsty at one of the many amazing Vegas watering holes (which you will be), then the bartender is your focal point. This alcohol-slinging ninja is the person you must befriend if you want a steady flow of beverages for you and your friends. Some of the nightclub and lounge bars can get insanely busy at peak hours. To avoid waiting all night at the bar these barkeeps need to remember you out of the crowds of people.

I usually start with a “Hey, how’s your night going?” Look at them in the eyes, pausing for their answer. This seems simple enough but a little common courtesy will help you stand out from the other thirsty patrons. Keep is short and sweet, (they have a lot of people to serve) and use a little personality rather than just yelling your order across the bar. You’ll be surprised how your drinks arrive faster (& stronger) with a little charm when ordering them. When in doubt, money talks. Typically a tip of $1-$3 bucks per drink is fair, but if you’re looking for quicker ordering, better drinks and quicker service next time around, a larger first tip will help ensure he/she remembers you for the next round. And make sure you continually go back to the same bartender if you can. You’ll find you get the best service and actually save money on drinks with a heavier-handed, well-greased bartender.

Tipping the Waitress

As a general rule of thumb, look for the tax and double it. More if you received great service. Most restaurants will use Auto Gratuity for groups of 8+ which is typically 18-22%. If it’s a cocktail waitress on the casino floor, tipping her will get you faster free drinks while you play the table games and slots. Most Las Vegas nightclubs, lounges and gentleman’s clubs typically use the Auto Gratuity system for the staff of VIP Table Reservations & Bottle Service, so it will already be included in the final bill.

Tipping the Taxi Driver

Throw him a couple bucks. If he went above and beyond, saved you time, took a shortcut or really impressed you definitely take care of him. Some drivers carry business cards. If he was good, ask him for one.

Tipping the Limo Driver

15%-20% is a good rule of thumb for the limo driver. These wheelmen know Las Vegas like the back of their hand and will get you and your group to your destination in a hurry and in style. If he’s getting you from the airport and helps with your heavy luggage, toss him a little more. Some limousine services include gratuity into the bill, others don’t.

Tipping your VIP Host

If you used a concierge service for planning your all inclusive Vegas vacation then it’s customary to tip your host. These hosts are there to enhance your stay. Speak with them about what you’re looking to do. If your particular package had a hosted event, where a host walk you into a venue, it’s customary to tip the host who is walking you in and showing you around. These personal guides have a wealth of hands-on, local knowledge and plenty of experiences in Vegas. Depending on how much they help you out during the weekend, $5-$30 per person is typical. Regardless of how much you tip, the gesture of tipping is a sign of appreciation of their work.

Tipping the Maid

Didn’t think about her did you? Yes, the most overlooked service person in Las Vegas is most definitely the Maid. Endless hallways of destroyed rooms on Sunday afternoon are a regular thing for these Ladies of the Linens. Leave her a $5er or so per night and she’ll take a little more time tiding up after you. If your room looks like a scene from “The Hangover” in the morning when you head down to breakfast maybe leave a little more for the poor lady.

What NOT to do on your Las Vegas trip:

Get arrested.

Yes, this happens all too much to groups in Las Vegas. There is always one in a group that has to push the rules and be the wild one. Don’t be this person. Partying hard on Friday night only to wake up in a drunk tank with other jail folk is not the way to spend a vacation. If you go in Friday, you’ll likely stay the weekend, ultimately missing out on all the fun your friends are having without you. Metro police on the Strip are actually really cool and down to earth. They deal with drunk people and tourists every single day, so they know how to handle it. But don’t push their buttons or you’ll end up cuffed and booked for the weekend. Don’t drink and drive either, there are plenty of cabs.

Lose your phone.

So many times people lose their phones in Vegas. In a bar, in a club, in a taxi, in someone else’s hotel room…  It happens every weekend. This really sucks when you’re drunk and can find your way back to the hotel. How do you contact your friends? Chances are you don’t know their numbers by memory in our cell phone saturated, tech-savvy age. As a pre-party precaution, write down two other friends’ phone numbers and your hotel room number on a piece of paper and stick it in your wallet or purse. This way you can contact them for help if you misplace your phone.

Gamble wasted.

Yes, gambling and winning big at the tables is fun. Everyone wants to gamble in Vegas. We all agree there’s nothing like taking a pot from another poker player, or getting blackjack and later bragging to your friends about your winnings. For the best chance at your fantasy of ‘winning big in Vegas’ we recommend doing it sober. The idea is to win, right? Increase your chances and hit the tables early in the evening, before you have 17 Long Islands.

Las Vegas is a fun, ever-changing land of debauchery, the adult playground. Hopefully these Las Vegas Party Tips & Tricks will help you during your next stay. Please be safe, have a great time, make some memories and come visit us again soon.


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