Las Vegas Bottle Service Prices and Secrets

By Jeremy Crudup

If you’ve come across this article you’re likely looking for info on Las Vegas Bottle Service Prices and Secrets to take with you on your next trip to wonderful Las Vegas. I’ll be covering what bottle service is, how it works, and how to take full advantage of the perks that come with being a VIP bottle service customer in a Las Vegas nightclub. Let’s get started.
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“What is bottle service anyway?” VIP table reservations, also called Bottle Service, is an available service at most Las Vegas nightclubs, pool parties (dayclubs), gentleman’s clubs, & lounges even some concert & show venues. If you haven’t been to Las Vegas before, or it’s your first time in a Las Vegas nightclub, please be aware. There are very few chairs or free seating areas at most nightclubs. It’s not like a bar, with stools & tables everywhere on a first come first service basis. Real estate is precious in a busy nightclub or pool party. Reserving a VIP table and purchasing bottle service is the only way to guarantee yourself a table and a place to sit.

“Sounds great, so how does it work?” In exchange for this coveted seating area, you will be required to meet a set ‘Table Minimum’ for your area or table location (which is pre-discussed with a VIP Host before your arrival). ‘Bottle minimum’ and ‘purchase minimum’ are other terms used. The closer to your table is located to the DJ & main dance floor, the more expensive the table location and the higher the Table Minimum. Think of it as your favorite sporting event. There are regular seats, and then there are VIP & Sky Boxes. Getting in is great, but for some, it’s about the experience. Plush seats, a great view of the action, some staff tending to your every need… People willing to pay a little more than average for a higher quality experience. This is the VIP table customer.

You and your entourage will be escorted to your reserved table or booth by a host. This table is yours for the day/evening. Your sexy Model Waitress will be there waiting, along with other staff including bussers & security, who will be tending to you and your group for the evening. This bottle service angel will start by helping you order the bottles of liquor of your choice. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and champagne are the typical choices and there are numerous varieties of each. Bottle service is also accompanied by varieties of unlimited mixers of your choice like a tonic, soda, orange juice, cranberry juice or whatever your group would like (Energy drinks & bottled waters are typically extra).

Example: Order a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum, mixers like OJ, Cranberry, tonic, and cola, plus some additional Red Bulls. Now you have a variety of cocktail combinations.

After the first bottle arrives your beautiful waitress will make drinks for you and all of your friends. She will ask each person individually what they would like to drink and make it for them. They will even make shots right at your table with a shaker! Plus there’s no waiting at the bar with bottle service, the liquor is right at your table. You can party all night right there, or roam around the club, perhaps hitting the dance floor with your best moves.

“Wow, this sounds amazing! But what does it cost? Sounds expensive…” Just like the previous sporting event analogy with the SkyBox v. regular Joe seating, it’s all about the experience. With basic bottle prices starting at $350-600+ per bottle plus the taxes, waitress gratuities, live entertainment fees, and tips that go along with, it can start to add up quickly. Does it cost more than just getting in? Yes. Is it worth the extra money? Absolutely.

Here’s a scenario for you; You and your friends might spend $30-$60 to get into most clubs, some as high as $100+ on busy holiday or popular DJ nights to wait in a long line (sobering up) just to get in the door and Ping-Pong your way around until you find a bar. At the watering hole, you wait for what feels like another hour for the super-busy bartender to notice you enough to get your drink order in. Buy a round for friends at $15-$20 per drink after tipping and poof, there goes a $100bucks. Now you’ve spent anywhere between $100-$200 per person to get in, and get drinks, and you’re at the bar with other partiers ping-ponging into your brand new, expensive (and very full) drink, consequently spilling on your clothes… Shit. You think, “This is not as cool as it seems.”
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Just think, for a little more you can have a private table & ‘home base’ for the evening, including alcohol when you want it and a much better experience. For ladies, a place to rest those sore feet after dancing. Your shoes are cute and we know they hurt. For all guy groups, a great place to bring a girl to chat. Perhaps offer her a drink & seat at your table. It’s much more impressive than buying her a drink at the bar. And no waiting for multiple hours in the General Admission lines (ugh, lines suck), and no waiting at the bar for drinks (more lines? damn), no ping-ponging into people, and no drink spillage on nice clothes (or less spillage, at least).

Bottle service minimums are determined by a variety of factors; the number of people in the group, the night of the week (weekend v. weekdays), DJ performing, and your Table Location within the venue, etc. There are a lot of variables. This is why most people contact a VIP Host like us, as they know the industry & pricing. Plan on $200+ per person for an average nightclub, more like $300-$400+ per person for premium ones like XS, Hakkasan, and Light. Some dance floor tables can go for $10K-$20K on big holiday weekends! (and that’s pre-tax, waitress, tip, etc.) Worth every penny, for the experience.

“So what about these tips & secrets you mentioned?” Okay, on to the tips & secrets. Here are a couple of pointers that I personally use with my clients every day to enhance their VIP bottle service experience.

  • You are a VIP customer. You have a VIP table.

When you have a VIP table reservation at a nightclub it gives you slight, but useful leverage in certain situations. You and your group paid more than the average patron to be in the venue and the venues respect this. Every staff member knows this and is trained to help VIP customers a little more. “We have a table” is the best line in a pinch. If a friend is a little too drunk & security is trying to kick them out, use the line “we have a table”. They would never advertise this but its common practice to cater more to the VIP table clients. Make sure you know your table number so you can tell the giant security to take it easy on your buddy.

  • The bottles are the placeholder.

When you get set at your table they bring out tons of ice, limes, lemons, clean glasses, straws, napkins, whatever you need. But as soon as the last bottle is gone most places will clean up the table setup including ice, cups, mixers, etc. No more booze, no need for it right? Don’t let them take it. It looks nice, you might want more ice, or to add some more cranberry and so forth. When you’re down to the last 1/5 of the final bottle put a cup or napkin over the spout and save it. Or make the final drink and replace the vodka with some with water.

Also, if you do run out of bottle liquor your waitress will run to the bar for you. They don’t love doing it but they will. Shots, mixed drinks, waters, they’ll run to the bar for you so you don’t have to arm-wrestle someone to get your order in. Make sure you tip a little more for the help.

  • Security is your friend.

Assigned to your area will be a huge security guard. They make them big in Las Vegas but don’t be intimidated by them. They’re basically there to keep everyone in line, but mostly there for the VIP table customers. Guys, need more girls at your table? Tip the security guy $20-$40 and he will find girls for you and bring them to your table. Ladies, security is there to make sure you don’t have any unwanted creeper guys around your table. Someone in your table area that you’d like removed? Just let the security guard know. Security will also escort the ladies to the restroom on busy nights also, which can be a huge help.

  • The best tip is tipping

What’s the best kind of tip? The one you can spend. Tipping is king in Vegas. The entire town runs on various tipping systems. Want a better table location? We can tip for that. Want to get a picture with the DJ? We can tip for that. What more girls at your table? We can tip for that. Everything from skipping the line at the bathroom to skipping the taxi line outside, tips will get you everywhere. Make sure you keep some tip money in your pocket at all times. You never know when an extra $20-$40bucks will help a situation. If you take care of the right people it makes all the difference in the world.
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In the end, it’s all about The Experience. If your group has the funds to do it, I strongly recommend getting a VIP table reservation for your next Las Vegas nightclub or pool party excursion. You might pay a little more for it but you’ll enjoy your trip so much more, which is the whole idea of Las Vegas right? Don’t be an average Joe, be a VIP.

If you have further bottle service questions, or any other Las Vegas travel or entertainment related questions please contact us directly or Call/Text 702.279.2365. Our Review speak for themselves. Have a great day and we’ll see you in Las Vegas.

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