6 Ways to Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

As soon as your buddy announced he was getting married you were probably thinking of one thing: “What are we doing for the bachelor party?

You might have a speech to write for the wedding, but instead you’ve been spending all your free time searching the Internet for Vegas hotel deals. Just tell the bride you’ve got it under control. Your buddy cares more about the bachelor party than the speech anyway.

In case you’re in need of a little guidance on where to take your WolfPack, here are 6 Ways to Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas that are guaranteed to give the groom that ‘final hur-rah’ he needs to get down that aisle.

Eat an Unforgettable Meal

The groom might be limited to an all-liquid, raw diet pre-wedding cleanse at home, but once you get to Las Vegas the rules are off. Time for great food, even better drinks at the best places Sin City has to offer.

Including an amazing dinner night is a must for any bachelor party weekend. You have to eat, right? So plan a nice meal together with the Bachelor. Steakhouses, breweries, sushi and fine dining restaurants are popular choices for bachelor parties.

Delicious restaurants are everywhere in Vegas and it’s your duty as the best man to make sure the groom gets to taste it all. Throw in some good beer and wine and you’ve transformed dinner into a party that the groom won’t soon forget.

Harness Your Inner Teenage Boy

Marriage is a big event in a person’s life. It’s one step closer to adulthood, so use the bachelor party to relive your younger days. So live it up!

Maybe you should be reckless like a teenager and try skydiving for the first time. Or harness your inner ‘Rambo’ or ‘Call of Duty’ & visit a premium Indoor Gun Range and unleash some lead with real machine guns.

In Vegas, you can also indulge in your childhood fantasies of being a race car driver. Visit a racetrack to ride in an exotic car driven at top speeds by a professional driver. Or spend a little more cash & rent a top exotic (Lambo, Ferrari, McLaren, etc) for a few hours of cruising around the Strip & surrounding desert roads. To get everyone involved get a friendly competition going at a local Go-Cart track & see who’s the fastest!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it seems somewhat irresponsible, involves some sort of adrenaline and is something you would never do at home.

Go to a Gentleman’s Club

When it comes to Gentleman’s Clubs, Las Vegas lives up to its Sin City title. With some of the largest and most extravagant gentleman’s clubs in the world & some of the hottest entertainers around, a stop at a top Strip Club is a must for any Bachelor Party. Grab a spot by the stage, grab some drinks & get the bachelor some ‘personal’ attention. A bachelor party is just not complete without buying the groom a lap dance.

This could be the last strip club that the groom visits in his life, so consider taking a limo to a few of the dozens of clubs throughout the city. Step it up a little by upgrading to VIP treatment or a table & bottle service.

Visit the ‘Welcome To Las Vegas’ Sign

Pictures are a must for any Vegas trip, especially a bachelor party. Gotta have some appropriate photos of the trip to show everyone back home, right? Plus it’s nice to have a great memorable group photo to remember the trip by.

Take a huge party bus around the Las Vegas strip to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. Vegas Party VIP can help you stock it with some drinks, pick you up at your hotel or dinner location, and head to the Vegas sign for photos.

Be A Nightclub VIP

It’s not every day that a friend gets married, and you might be next, so pull out all the stops.

Bottle service at one of Vegas’s best nightclubs is a great way to impress the bachelor. Table Reservations include your own personal sexy waitress, bottles of the bachelor’s favorite spirit on hand, a private, reserved table, no waiting in Entry lines and all the VIP treatment attention the groom needs for a successful send-off into matrimony.

Many of the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs won’t allow large groups of guys inside on busy nights (A club full of girls is always better than a club full of guys, hence the limitation on Guy Entry). A VIP table reservation is the best way around this. Plus you’ll have a spot for the night to hang out at & bring new friends to.

Once you are there, you have the liberty to bust out whatever dance moves your heart desires. You may have to tone it down at the wedding so the bachelor party is your chance to really get crazy. Party it up, get drunk, have a great time!

Recover Like A Pro

“Oh man, what happened last night…?”

It’s a fact. We’ve all had hangover days we’d like to forget, and a bachelor party will be no different. But it doesn’t have to hurt all day. Get the bachelor recharged for another day of fun with an In-Room IV Recovery Treatment.

This service will come to your hotel room to help with recovery from a long night of partying. A certified physician will administer a saline, vitamin & painkiller solution IV into your blood stream for faster absorption. In an hour you’ll feel like a new man, ready to attack Vegas again!

We hope these 6 Ways to Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas helped you visualize a great bachelor weekend. Now you can put those bachelor party plans into action & get started. If you do it right, it may even beat out the wedding as the best day of the groom’s life. Contact Vegas Party VIP today to get the party planning started, or check out some of our cool Bachelor Party Packages!

-Party Like a VIP with VegasPartyVIP-