Top 6 Advantages of Getting Las Vegas Bottle Service

Imagine getting your own private VIP table and bottle service at a busy Las Vegas nightclub. The club is busy. The dance floor is jumping. Not to worry, you have a reserved space for you & your group. A beautiful waitress serving you with your own personal bottles of top-of-the-line liquor and mixers. It may sound too good to be true but this service is offered at clubs across the Las Vegas Strip.

The right bottle service package can transform a fun evening out into a night you will never forget! Here are our Top 6 Advantages of Getting Las Vegas Bottle Service on your next Vegas adventure.

#6: Meet new people

Getting bottle service at a Las Vegas nightclub or pool party automatically gains you entrance to an exclusive club of VIPs.

Bottle service patrons are often segregated to their very own section of the club, or they are put in the prime areas overlooking stages and dance floors. It’s easy to make new friends when you have a nice place to sit & bottles of premium alcohol on hand. If you’re a group of guys trying to meet some attractive ladies, a VIP Table & Bottle Service package is the perfect solution.

Who knows, maybe you will meet one of the many celebrities who regularly party in the VIP section at Vegas clubs. Tag, post & tweet about your Las Vegas experience. Other party-goers will wonder ‘Who are they?’ Plus, once people hear you have your own private table, they will practically beg to be your BFF.

#5: Impress your friends

Maybe at home, you’re not considered the most “interesting” or “adventurous” of your friends, but all the rules change when you’re in Vegas. Once you announce you’ve reserved bottle service, all preconceptions of who you are at home will be forgotten.

Treating your friends to this luxury will instantly promote you to the favorite of the group and give them all a night that will be the topic of conversation for months to come. Planning a special Las Vegas weekend soon? Are you traveling to Las Vegas for a special Birthday party, Bachelor party, Bachelorette party, or just a fun celebration weekend? Getting a VIP Table & Bottle Service in a top Las Vegas nightclub or pool party is the perfect way to celebrate with your group of friends.

#4: Delicious drinks (without waiting at the bar)

If you think Vegas has delivered on drinks, just wait until you experience having a private booth reserved for VIP customers & bottle service.

Las Vegas nightclubs and day clubs can get very busy, especially on holiday and popular weekends. This means longer lines at the bar. Avoid all the time-consuming hassle of getting drinks at a busy bar by having a VIP table & bottle service.

With bottle service, you’ll never have to spend half the night waiting at the bar again. No more getting bumped into, or spilling of your cocktails. With a bevy of mixer choices and various liquors at your disposal, you get to decide for yourself just how strong the drinks are made.

#3: Skip the Long Lines

If you’ve been to Las Vegas you’ve likely seen the long lines in front of the hottest nightclubs. Thousands of eager patrons, ready to party all night, lined up like cattle in general admission lines. These lengthy lines for the top Las Vegas nightclubs can rival those of the world’s top amusement parks.

As a VIP Table customer, you’ll receive an expedited entry from one of our VIP Hosts. You can contact them when you arrive at the venue & they will come out to personally walk you to your reserved private table. This allows you to party more, & get in faster.

#2: A place to sit…and attract company

The main difference between clubs in Vegas and clubs in other cities is that there are no open stools, couches, or tables for you to sit unless you have VIP service. This makes simply having a table and object of desire and a point of interest. Sit back and enjoy your cocktail from the privacy of your own booth, taking in the sights and sounds. This is how to do Vegas right…

Whether it’s the relief of a place to rest for a song after hitting it hard on the dance floor, or a point of interest for attracting visitors to your table, Las Vegas bottle service is your best friend. People will be envious of your VIP table, wishing they had planned ahead like you & your friends.

Beautiful women are an added bonus to most Las Vegas bottle service packages. Typically, a few girls are assigned to be your personal cocktail servers, making sure that your drink is always fresh and that everyone is having a great time.

#1: Get the celebrity VIP treatment

You might have thought that cutting the line and getting cover fees waived is reserved for Hollywood celebrities. In Vegas, however, bottle service grants you the same type of treatment. Sure, it costs more than regular entry. But it’s worth every penny on those special celebrations.

Similar to a Skybox at a major sporting event, a VIP Table has many advantages. As you are escorted to your private table, where everything you need is right at your fingertips, you will even get the same attention awarded to a celebrity. There is a security host assigned to your area, making sure no ‘unwanted company’ interferes with your good time. The waitress is there to get you whatever you need. Everyone deserves to get the VIP treatment at least once in a lifetime so go ahead, unleash your inner celebrity for an evening.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 6 Advantages of Getting Las Vegas Bottle Service. Hopefully, these pointers will help you when you’re planning your next Las Vegas vacation. Ready to book bottle service for your next Vegas adventure? Yea, we thought so. Contact your Vegas Party VIP host today!