Top 5 Reasons to have your Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the perfect location for your next bachelorette party celebration. Hundreds of bachelorette parties come to Las Vegas every year and we’re going to show you why.

Vegas Loves Bachelorette Parties

Here in the world’s favorite adult playground, you can dip your toes into adventure just by leaving your room. It’s the perfect layout for everyone to wander safely and enjoy entertainment of every kind 24/7. That’s why Las Vegas is the bachelor & bachelorette party capitol of the world. Why would you go somewhere where everything closes at 2am? Or go to a place where the clubs are small and picky about who comes in (yes, even the girls)? Where jealous locals rolling their eyes at you for making a scene & having too much fun?

Not in Vegas. People here don’t cringe at the sight of sashes, tiaras and coordinated outfits of bachelorette parties. We love them! In fact, we’re positive you’ll run into other bachelorette parties during your adventures. Sin City is perfectly built for you & your girlfriends to have the time of your lives! Shows, sights, shopping, and plenty of opportunities for posts & selfies!

Sexy Male Reviews

Las Vegas Bachelorette parties are all about the bride to be. And what better way to say goodbye to the single life then a sexy male review! Las Vegas is home to some of the best & most popular male reviews in the world. Thunder from Down Under & Chippendales both offer shows in Vegas, with a variety of seating options & show times

This is one of our most requested bachelorette party events. Take your girls to a sexy male review show and watch these hunky men dance choreographed scenes for your viewing pleasure. If the greasy hunks turn you on, or just make you smile & laugh, it’s always a good time for bachelorette parties. Go for the VIP seats for a closer view of the action, and a better chance of becoming part of the show.

It’s on the House

Vegas is not what it used to be, but there are still comps available. Yes, it’s true, there are free benefits in Las Vegas for ladies only. If you look hard and sometimes just get lucky, you can find all kinds of free deals: Club entries, Complimentary meals, open bar access and more can all be found in this “Men Pay, Ladies Play” environment.

With so many deals specifically for ladies and bachelorette parties, Las Vegas is an obvious choice if saving money is a goal of the group. There is something for every bachelorette party here in Las Vegas, from A to Zumanity. Be aware that this is widely known and NOT unlimited so don’t hesitate to make sure we can help you. Along with the free deals, the discounts are everywhere. Complimentary VIP Bottle Service and VIP Staff Guest Listing being the most essential if hitting a club is on the agenda.

Princess for a Day

If free sounds good but VIP sounds better, you are now in the right place. A bachelorette party is no time to be cheap. You only get married once (hopefully), so make this celebration one to remember! Luxury Limo transportation is the perfect way to chauffeur that Bride-to-Be around town in style. Maybe even a stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for some nostalgic phones with the bachelorette party. And some drinks and now you have a great pre-game party on wheels!

Another great way to enhance the Big Night for the new bride is having a VIP Table Reservation at one of the top Las Vegas nightclubs. This is our specialty. When our talented and friendly VIP Host walks you and the bachelorette party to your reserved VIP Table area in a great location at one of the top nightclubs, the bride will surely be impressed. And all VIP Tables have a personal waitress, there to pour your favorite cocktail. Perfect! No waiting in long bar lines for this Princess. Remember, a VIP table is the only way to sit in a nightclub.  In these VIP areas, you can stand on the couches and dance in the roped off area keeping other club goers out of your prepaid area. We cannot stress the value of a VIP table enough. With a set Home Base for the group, you’ll have the freedom to go to and from the dance floor at your leisure.

If a table isn’t in your taste or budget, then Club Crawls and VIP Entries are great ways to get into more than 1 club per night and not stand around for hours.

Have Fun & Be Creative

Since there are so many things to do in Vegas you don’t have to fill your itinerary with nightclub after nightclub or laying by the pool all day. Be creative. Order shirts for the group, wear matching wigs or tutus, or get the bride a feather boa to wear while you’re out & about. The attention your group will get will make the bride feel special. Or maybe a scavenger hunt, or go on a shopping tour at a couple of the amazing malls Las Vegas has to offer. Whether it be a day at the spa or a day at the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of great bachelorette activities in Las Vegas.

We hope our Top 5 Reasons to have your Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas has given you some great ideas and insight for your next bachelorette party plans. Hopefully we influenced you to think of Las Vegas (& when you plan your next bachelorette party. Call us today to schedule your party. Have fun & see you in Vegas!